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B.D. Love grew up in a small town in Southeastern Michigan, along the banks of a murky and probably toxic body of water called -- presumably for its color -- the River Raisin. His first poem, a prayer to the Virgin Mary composed when he was in the third grade, inspired his homeroom nun to accuse him of plagiarism. He did not write again for many years, until the death of his grandmother prompted his return to verse.

His poetry and short fiction have appeared in numerous journals, and he's had several books published.

His lyric writing and collaboration with musician Maura Kennedy has resulted in a holiday single, "Beneath The Mistletoe" which was digitally released in November 2014. The pair have completed a full-length album, "Villanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy and B.D. Love" (lyrics by B.D. Love, music by Maura Kennedy) released May 12, 2015 on the Varèse Sarabande label.

You can Order the CD here.

An avid dog-lover, he now resides along the banks of the murky and occasionally toxic Los Angeles River.

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