Poetry of B.D. Love

Water At The Women's Edge Poems, Monologues and Meditations, Urthona Press. Asheville, North Carolina (2001)

"Water at the Women's Edge gives an observer's glimpse of immigrant Los Angeles that is as authentic as a first-person account. Author B.D. Love writes honest and vulnerable, in a day & time where these traits are usually exploited by craft. Here integrity - in form and vision - triumphs over manner. These poems safely deliver the rhythm of lives lived to readers who should never have to be so unguarded. Enjoy." - Mat Gleason, Coagula Art Journal

"B.D. Love combines a powerful gift of language with the insight of the born storyteller. To read one of the poems in Water at the Women's Edge is to find yourself suddenly dropped into some stranger's life, looking at the world through eyes not your own but somehow seeing as though those were your own eyes. The poem "Second Brother," in particular, is one of American literature's best evocations of the Southeast Asian refugee tragedy. In my writings, I've only tried to explain the lives of people from this hard part of the world. B.D. Love breathes with them." - Carl L. Bankston III, Growing Up American: How Vietnamese Children Adapt to Life in the United States

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Cut Salt Fire Grace, Sonnets Love and Other (1995)

Poems in this volume, many pre-Cambrian versions, have appeared previously in the following magazines: Weight and Salt (Poem), Houseflies (Welter), Basic Math (Starlight Sonnets), Temples, More Or Less (Starlight Sonnets and Tar River), John Lennon (the MacGuffin), Bryan Ferry (the MacGuffin and Sweet Nothings), Landscape (Birmingham Poetry Review and Blue Unicorn), House (Slant and Z Miscellaneous), Driving (South Florida Poetry Journal and Laurel Review), Why Good Men Turn To Drink (South Florida Poetry Review), Chuck Berry and Mick Jagger (Visions), Lust (High Plains Literary Review), Grace (Kansas Quarterly), Cut (Piedmont Literary Review), Sparring and Roaches (Plains Poetry Review).

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Water at the Women's Edge