Short fiction, literary criticism, and  poetry have appeared in the following, under my American pseudonym, B.D. Love.   Many poetry publications include two or more poems in the same issue.  Two books have appeared under my Chinese name, Lan Yan, both works of fiction.  Two other fiction books have been published under B.D. Love.

Texas Review (poetry)
Nebo (poetry, two items)
Nimrod (poetry)
Rockhurst Review(poetry)
Straylight Review(poetry)
RiversEdge (poetry)
Rockhurst Review (poetry)
Straylight (poetry)
Riversedge (poetry)
Colere (fiction)
Slant (poetry)
The MacGuffin (fiction)
The Ledge (poetry)
CQ (California Quarterly) (poetry)
Into the Teeth of the Wind (poetry - three pieces)
Chiron Review (poetry)
South Carolina Review (poetry)
Poetic Diversity (e-zine, poetry)           
Eclipse (poetry)
Verse Daily (online anthology)
Chaminade Literary Review (poetry)
Branches (poetry)
Poetry Today (e-zine anthology/poetry)
California Quarterly (CQ) (poetry)
Nimrod (narrative poem sequence)
Slant (poetry)
New Orleans Review (poetry)
Troubadour (poetry)
Chaminade Literary Review (poetry)
Southern Humanities Review (literary criticism)
Watershed Wise (poetry)
National Public Radio (poetry performance on air)
Rio Grande Review (poetry)
Current News (creative nonfiction and poetry)
Pike Creek Review (fiction)
Silverlake Local (fiction, feature articles and poetry)
Dominion Review (poetry)
Many Mountains Moving (poetry)
Southern Poetry Review (poetry)
Troubadour (poetry)
Wisconsin Review (poetry)
Pacific Coast Journal (fiction)
Best Texas Writing ‘96 (anthology) (poetry)
The Literary Review (fiction)
The Literary Review—Website Featured Writer    
Writers’ Forum (fiction)
American Literary Review (poetry)     
Tennessee Quarterly (fiction)
Santa Clara Review (poetry)
Slant (poetry)
Talking River Review (fiction and poetry)
Apocalypse (poetry)
Aileron  (poetry)
Gulf Stream (poetry)
Many Mountains Moving  (poetry)
Santa Clara Review (poetry)
New Orleans Review  (fiction)            
Slipstream  (fiction)
River Oak Review  (fiction)    
Tomorrow Magazine  (poetry)    
Quixote Quarterly  (fiction)
Other Voices  (fiction)     
Pacific Coast Journal  (poetry)
Welter  (poetry)    
Poem  (poetry)
California Quarterly—CQ (poetry)
Palo Alto Review  (fiction)
Slant  (poetry)
Seems  (poetry)    
Tar River Review  (poetry)
A Song for Occupations (anthology)  (poetry)
Kingfisher  (fiction)
Epiphany  (poetry)    
Manoa  (fiction)
Seattle Review  (poetry)    
Starlight Sonnet Anthology  (poetry)
Appalachee Quarterly  (fiction)     
Birmingham Poetry Review  (poetry)
Oxford Magazine  (fiction)    
Crosscurrents  (fiction)    
Poetry Northwest  (poetry)    
Southern Poetry Review  (poetry)
Turnstile  (fiction)    
Widener Review  (fiction)
Kansas Quarterly  (poetry)    
Laurel Review  (poetry)    
The Literary Review  (poetry)    
Chaminade Literary Review  (poetry)
High Plains Literary Review  (poetry)
Connecticut River Review  (poetry)
Willow Springs  (fiction)    
River City  (fiction)
Piedmont Literary Review  (poetry)
South Coast Poetry Review  (poetry)
The MacGuffin  (poetry)    
Sweet Nothings (Anthology)  (poetry)
Footwork  (poetry)    
Visions  (poetry)
Nebo  (poetry)    
Z Miscellaneous  (poetry)
Beloit Poetry Journal  (poetry)             
Oxalis  (poetry)
Blue Unicorn  (poetry)    
Amelia  (poetry)
Fine Madness  (poetry)    
Stone Country  (poetry)
Another Place to Publish  (poetry)
Poetic Space  (poetry)
Plains Poetry Journal  (poetry)    
Peregrine  (poetry)
Music & Sound Output  (fiction)
South Florida Poetry Journal  (poetry)
Earth's Daughters  (poetry)    

Book Publication:

Feline Inscrutable: A Life Among Rescue Cats (Poetry, Highpoint Life, 2022)

All Tomorrow's Parties: A Punk Rock Murder Mystery (Novel, Highpoint Life, 2018)

Hounds of Wonder: A Life in Rescue Dogs (Poetry, Highpoint Life, 2016)

Punch Line:  Selected Stories (Short fiction collection, as B. D. Love, Wingspan Press, February 10, 2014)

DragonBlossom (Novel, as B. D. Love, Wingspan Press, April 17, 2012)

A Day in the Life of a Severed Head (Novel-in-stories, as Lan Yan, Wingspan Press, April 12, 2011)

Song of the Ten Thousands (Novel, as Lan Yan, Wingspan Press, 2010)

Water at the Women’s Edge  (Poetry, 95 pages, Urthona Press, Asheville, NC,  2001)

Meat Wisdom  (Poetry, Pudding House Press, Johnstown, Ohio, 2000)

Cut Salt Fire Grace:  Sonnets, Love and Other  (Poetry, Rhythm Dog Editions, Los Angeles, 1995)

Awards and Nominations:

Nomination:  Pushcart Prize:  Best of the Small Presses 2013 for poetry.

Nomination:  National Book Critics Circle Award 2012 for A Day in the Life of a Severed Head.

Nomination: National Book Critics Circle Award 2010 for Song of the Ten Thousands.

Nomination:  National Book Critics Circle Award for 2001, for Water at the Women’s Edge.

Nomination:  Pushcart Prize:  Best of the Small Presses 2002 for poetry.  The MacGuffin, nominating literary journal.

Honorable Mention:  Emerson Award in Recognition of Lyric Excellence, Troubadour Magazine, 1998.

Semifinalist:  the Heekin Group Foundation Fellowship for the Novel, 1997.  

Semifinalist:  Hollis Summers Poetry Prize for Poetry, Ohio University Press, 1997.  For a book-length manuscript of poems.

Semifinalist:  New Issues Award for Poetry, 1997.  For a book-length manuscript of poems.

Award:  Professor of the Year, 1992, Associated Students, Incorporated, California State University, Los Angeles.

Nomination:  Pushcart Prize XV:  Best of the Small Presses, 1990, for fiction.  Willow Springs magazine, Nance van Winckel, editor.

Award:  Second Kansas Quarterly/Kansas Arts Commission Award for Poetry, 1986/1987.  Amy Clampitt, judge.

Citation:  for special merit, Guy Owen Poetry Prize, Southern Poetry Review, 1986.  Linda Pastan, judge.

Nomination:  Pushcart Prize XIII:  Best of the Small Presses, 1988,  for poetry.  Joyce Carol Oates, nominating editor.

Awards:  World Order of Narrative Poets, Three Awards:  First Prize, Robert Browning Award;  First Prize, Ted Hughes Award;  Honorable Mention, Shakespeare Award; 1986

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