Fiction of B.D. Love

All Tomorrow's Parties (2018)

A young guitar player from Michigan is summoned to join a band in the seedy L.A. punk scene of the late 1970s, only to learn that his brilliant childhood friend, the lead singer, has disappeared. Before long, he is pulled into a noir-meets-leather world of sketchy characters on both sides of the law.

“Mickey Spillane meets High Fidelity in this musical punk noir…for any fan of Dana Spiotta’s Eat the Document.” – Dana Bonn, power pop/punk rock DJ, This Is Rock ’n Roll Radio

“B.D. Love paints a gritty picture of Los Angeles circa 1979 with its music dominated by the punk and power pop camps and sundry characters. He takes readers on a sweeping journey from the Hong Kong Cafe in Chinatown to Doug Weston’s Troubador in Hollywood and to the beach where, sadly, his murdered friend died, a crime he reluctantly pursues amidst the beer, whiskey, groupies, gigs, and cocaine. As he seeks the truth behind the murder, we see “the city of tiny lights” as he calls it, and its music scene, objectively from a visitor looking for answers as much or more as he is looking for a way out… just like every bad punk and most of the good ones."  -Mat Gleason, Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles, and Coagula Art Journal

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Punch Line (Stories, 2014)

"B.D. Love writes eloquently of troubled lives and troubled loves, capturing as well as anyone writing today the ways in which we both crave and fear intimacy. Two practical-joking school friends betray each other; a man battles his pitifully irascible neighbors; a professor grows infatuated with an immigrant B-girl; a grieving widow becomes obsessed with helping a homeless man; two Vietnamese students learning English struggle with Swift's "A Modest Proposal"-Love's stories illuminate those critical moments when, suddenly, we can save another's sanity and dignity, when we most urgently feel our human commitment to each other. Punch Line is a beautiful collection from a contemporary master."  - Jay Rogoff, author of Venera and The Art of Gravity

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DragonBlossom (A novel, 2012)

A middle-aged Anglo professor becomes obsessed with an "Asian Lolita" on his campus.  As her life fractures, his fortunes ironically rise. Advancing matters is a shadowy academic who augments his meager university income with forays into drug dealing and the flesh trade, involving teachers and students alike. Told as a self-help book for sufferers from a certain "syndrome," this darkly satirical novel explores romantic obsession, cultural collision, love (or a variant thereof), and the utterly absurd farce called academia.

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